The Volunteers

Over the years there have many volunteers who have arrived on site in Kenya to lend a hand.

The help of these people has contributed greatly to the overall success that is ASANTE.

To each and every one of you we say thank you and we hope for your continued support in the future. Asante!

Kikuyu Eye Hospital - Nairobi

Without the professional standards of assistance offered by Dr Wallia and his staff at Nairobi's Kikuyu Eye Hospital the work of ASANTE would go unfinished. It is through a mutual co-operation and respect that so many people have been helped and have had their sight restored. We look forward to many more years of this fine collaboration.

Fiona Kavanagh - Optician - Charity volunteer.

Laruen Taylor - Charity volunteer.

Special thanks to Fiona Kavanagh, Ellen Jennings, Rita Jennings, David Tunney and Lauren Taylor who accompanied us as volunteers during our programmes in Kenya. Their help has been invaluable to us and to so many others.

BERNARD JENNINGS - Optician and founder of Asante.

Bernard runs a highly successful opticians practice in the Irish town of Carlow. It was through his practice he came into contact with Sister Goretti Ward the Mercy Nun who first invited him to visit Kenya and explore the possibilites of how he could be of service to the communities there. Bernard jumped at the challenge in his usual style and the rest in history.

Sister Goretti Ward - Mercy Nun, Kenya - Asante Facilitator.

Sister Goretti Ward moved to Kenya to work with the poor and disadvanted when most other people are retiring and putting their feet up. Since her move to East Africa Sister Goretti has administered the work of Asante and paved the way and the logistics for the yearly visits by the team. Along with this vital work Sister Goretti also somehow manages to find time to care for the sick, the dying and the impoverished in her community.

Brendan Harding - co-founder

Project Chronicler/Travel Writer/Columnist/Broadcaster

As an award winning writer of travel-related fiction and non-fiction Brendan was the obvious choice to accompany the team on their first visit to Kenya back in 2007; he has traveled each year since then. His words in national and international media have won many fans and through his work Asante find the task of raising money all the easier.

Miriam Killgariff - Optician - Charity volunteer.

2008 saw Miriam join the team in Kenya as a volunteer optician. Her skills were invaluable to the success of the mission and her friendly and welcoming smile  put all patients immediately at ease.

Jim Tunney - Optician - Charity volunteer.

Jim Tunney joined the team as a guest volunteer in Spring of 2009 and his tremendous experience was a valued asset to the increasing workload of the clinics in the remote bush of Eastern Kenya.


Ellen Jennings - Optician - Charity volunteer.