The ASANTE team handing over a cheque to the management of Nairobi's Kikuyu Eye Hospital.

Having completed five years working in and around the village of Nuu ASANTE have decided that time has come to move their operations to new a new location. This new location, while still in the lands of the Ukambani, brings a whole new challenge.

In 2012 the team of four opticians and fascilitator Brendan Harding will opearate from the small market town of Motomo. Mutomo is an ideal location due to the fact that a fully-funtioning hospital, run by the Sisters of Mercy, already exists there, allowing the team greater access to an established data-base of clients. Under the guidance of Sr. Mary Okumu the team will opearate from a designated wing of the rural hospital in clean, spacious surroundings (with electricity).

Along with opearating from the hospital premises the fundamentals of ASANTE have not been forgotten and the team will also opearate several rural 'outreach' clinics in the small, bush clinics dotted around the arid countryside.

Mutomo, as part of the Ukambani, suffers from the same problems which ASANTE have encountered in the past; drought, disease, failure of crops and abject poverty. The advantage of using Mutomo Hospital as a base is the fact our partners in Kenya, KIKUYU EYE HOSPITAL, have agreed to conduct all medical operational procedures - ie. cataracts, sight-correction, - from a temporary operating theatre to be set-up within the hospital. This will negate the need for ASATNE's clients, many of whom are eldery and infirm, to endure the gruelling journey to Kenya's capital Nairobi.

We are extremely grateful to Sr. Mary Okumu and the Sisters of Mercy Congregation in Kenya for their continued assistance in fascilitating the work of ASANTE.