When sight really does means life - Take a look at our work!

Video editing by Garry McHugh - with much thanks.
Since Spring of 2007 Asante has provided the Wakamba people of Kenya's Eastern Province with the basics of modern eye-care.

Each year Irish optician Bernard Jennings and travel writer Brendan Harding along with a small team of volunteers have traveled to this drought and famine afflicted region in an effort to improve the lives and restore a semblance of dignity to the people.

To date over 6,000 people have been screened for all manner of eye problems - from cataracts, lacerations, snake venom to general age-related degeneration and solar-related degeneration - and from those tested over 800 have had sight-restorative treatments.

Through the benevolence of family, friends, corporate sponsors and the ultimate kindness of strangers our work has been such a success and for this we thank you sincerely.

As always we look forward to your continued support and in return you will have the continuous thanks of so many.

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2014 - Asante will return to the village of Nuu - where it all began under the guidance of Sister Goretti Ward and Sister Berndatte Mueni