In April of 2013 the team, numbering five, returned to Kenya and took up the baton in the village of Mutomo where Phase II of the project had been so successful the previous year.

Once again the people came in huge numbers, pushing the opticians to their limits. As always the team of volunteers were more than able to cope and over 600 patients were screened throughout the project.

Since then those needing further medical procedures were treated by the doctors from Nairobi's Kikuyu Eye Unit under the direction of Dr. Mbongo, the hospital's director, and his staff. However, unlike in other years, in 2013 the patients in need of treatment were spared the ordeal of traveling the grueling distance to the Kenyan capital by the doctors setting up a specialised operating theatre in Mutomo's own hospital.

This new step has increased the spread of ASANTE'S work in Kenya and greatly benefited the lives of so many.

Once again it is all thanks to the generosity of far too many to mention. But please rest assured, your involvement, donations, time and promotion have made sure that another large group of people's lives have been changed through your giving. We thank you one and all.